Podcast – Episode 1

It’s here! It really is!

Welcome to Episode 1 of our monthly podcast. This episode we discuss what community is, what makes a good community, how we all fall into that as individuals and you’ll hear from some locals about how they feel about art and culture in their community.

We begin by looking at our needs as individuals using Maslow’s extended Hierarchy of Needs (see the diagram below) to give us a grounding for what community should offer to you. Listen out for some information about the artists we have already had on the blog, and remember to visit our Featured Artists page to get more information about them.

Next month we will be focusing on diversity in our area and you’ll hear and see some work from artists who represent some of the different cultures in and around Logan.




Thanks for having a listen and please, please do jump on and say hi and give us your feedback – tell us what we could be doing better, what we’ve gotten wrong and what you’d like to see more of. We appreciate every word.

We will get better over time but thank you again for listening!

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Maslow's Extended Hierarchy of Needs