Podcast Ep 8

As the Day of the Dead festivals continue until November 2nd, so does our celebration of Halloween with our special Halloween Podcast with the shocking conclusion of Ghost Children, by Mitchell Tierney. Find the first two chapters if you missed them on SoundCloud.

“Writing crept up on Mitchell when he wasn’t looking. It was a medium to vent his creativity while he was looking for work. He says, “If I could draw well I would have gone to comic books instead, and if I could paint, well you get the picture.

“Everyday I write or think about writing or plan ideas in my head. Even at work I jot down story ideas on scrap paper when no one is looking! I have a huge back catalogue of unfinished stories, both for adults and children. I keep them all and slowly work on them when the time is right.” Mitchell Tierney – Author, Ouroborus Books

As a bonus! The Halloween Poem performed at the Ruckus Slam by Logan Writer, Ejay Jamb has been featured in the bottom of these show notes. Get down and read it out loud to a friend.




What’s happening around Logan:

  • Logan Social Enterprise Expo 2016 @ Logan Entertainment Centre, Wednesday 2nd Nov. With 13 industry leading guest speakers and over 90 stallholders registered with complimentary catering from local enterprises. Come along to this FREE EVENT and see what all the fuss around ‘Social Enterprises’ is all about. Key Note Speaker Cameron Burgess (A must for those wanting to make a positive social impact.
  • Running from the 5th Nov until the 19th, Logan Artist Association present the “Sanctuary” Members exhibition. This exhibition features mixed media work from Marnie Linger and Mark Davey.
  • Translucency @ Percolator Gallery Paddington Nov 15 – 20. Featuring Damian Smith, Naomi Crawford, Damien Pasquale, Milly Davies, Dylan Cooper and Monique Montfroy. Experience the light of the world as it is transmitted through these talented artist.
  • Inspiring Events: Inspiring Artistic Expression @ Wellwood Health Loganholme, Friday, November 25 at 6 PM – 9 PM. Bookings via the facebook event.A creative and expressive event sure to provide an engaging and inspiration experience. You’ll hardly be able to wait to get back home and plan your next creative endeavour. Speakers include Tracie Eaton and Ange Peita.



Ana Medieta, Siluetas

Ana Medieta, Siluetas

As promised here is a little more about late artist Ana Mandieta.

Ana Mandieta’s series entitled, Siluetas explored the relationship between nature and being, photographing her body blurred by blood, flowers, feathers and dirt across her flesh in varied combinations.

“Her haunting imagery explores the relationship between earth and spirit while tackling the eternally plaguing questions of love, death and rebirth. Like an ancient cave drawing, Mendieta’s art gets as close as possible to her subject matter allowing no excess, using primal and visceral means to navigate her themes.”¹

  1. The Haunting Traces Of Ana Mendieta Go On View (NSFW) – Huffington Post






Written by Ejay Jamb and performed at Ruckus Slam, New Globe Theatre, Brisbane, 24/10/16.


Halloween suggests a thinning of the veil

between this world and the next,

A most horrifying tale

of demons who’ll have you hexed!


What then is Halloween

if not a symbol of our fear?

Our ignorance of realms unseen

where nothing is fixed or clear


What then is Halloween

if not messages from our inner host?

Identities with no physical being,

perhaps a sad and restless ghost


We celebrate Halloween

to remind us of other things,

like the universe behind the screen

and all it’s natural blessings


On Halloween, remember well

life is more than what we’re told,

more than just this fleshy shell

where humanity seems so cold


Halloween signifies a ghoulish unveiling,

The souls of the dead emerge

with their moaning and their wailing,

our dread a trembling dirge


Me, I think this nicely indicates

that death is another adventure,

Halloween is how it translates

until we learn to remember


Your own experiences tell you

with those mysterious intuitions,

which come from an unexplored venue

and result in inspirations and visions!


Where do we go each night?

Into a cosmos of dreams

to leave our bodies and take flight,

where nothing is what it seems


Halloween, that cluster of myths

serves to hint at ancient wisdom

from the annals of ancient monoliths,

to right here in good old Brisbane.




All background music used for the reading of “Ghost Children” was sourced from under their terms ( )

Tracks used where:

  • Chimera
  • Corridor
  • Fallen Angels


Catch you soon,

Ali & Grant. x