Podcast Ep 6

Last month we’ve delved into the environment and art, and how it overlaps with science via the work of local artists, Alinta Krauth, Merri Randell and Kat Kilburn. This podcast we answer a few questions posed to Adam Savage (of Myth Busters) on the topic of ‘Art and Science – How do they overlap?’

The full interview and speech by Adam is here too.

The Maker Age: Enlightened Views on Science & Art (Full Session) | Interactive 2014 | SXSW



Here Richard’s explanation of the magnets here:
Richard Feynman Magnets


What’s On

Sept 11 – We’ll be out and about at the Logan Village Music and Heritage Fest with a piece from Peta Thompson – keep an ear out for her on the podcast at the end of the month

Sept 24  – Opening for An Antiquated Notion – exhibition at the Aspire Gallery feat Logan Artist OmiLee

Sept 28 – Peta Thompson @ Miami Marketta

Sept 30 – The next Eats n Beats

Sept 30 – Local Author Shayla Morgansen launches Book 3 – “Unbidden” in the Elm Stone Saga

Sept 30 – First Day of Phoenix Ensemble’s The Little Mermaid – at the Pavilion Theatre – affectionately known as the ‘Tin Shed’ in the Beenleigh Show Grounds.

Sept 30 – Beenleigh Theatre Group’s next show – The Importance of Being Earnest – Oscar Wilde


Talk to you next time!

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