Podcast Ep 4

This month on the podcast we speak with artist OmiLee, aka Naomi Crawford and discuss her work, her processes and her piece entitled Cleansing. We took this piece out into the community and engaged a few people in a discussion about OmiLee’s work, her style and what it meant to them.

Have a listen here:



The feedback was mostly constructive and everyone enjoyed the discussions we led. We hear more and more how people would love to have more accessible culture in the community and we’d love to hear from you too.

Check out the piece in the slideshow below and let Naomi know what her work means to you. Hit us up in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter, or get in contact with Naomi via her Facebook page.

Not sure how to go about engaging with the work? Check out our feature post from earlier in the month.


We also discussed in more depth the role our cognitive biases and mindsets play a roll in our lives, and how engaging with art and culture can play a role in helping us be more open, and be happier and healthier.


For more information about Cognitive biases and Heuristics check out the links in the show notes.


The Four Hour Work Week Podcast – A great episode on mindfulness, mindsets, learning and creativity: – On parenting [@38:02]


Rationally Speaking Podcast – Featuring the book as discussed: Algorithms to Live By – Tom Griffiths and Brian Christian


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