Podcast Ep 3

Sebastian Petrik joined us for our panel discussion for this last month’s podcast ep. It is a little late (again) because there was soooo much great content in this episode and we just could not fit it all in. We are toying with the idea of including an uncut version for subscribers in the future, let us know if you’re interested.

This month we explored the benefits of ‘art as therapy’ and the ‘therapeutic benefit of arts on society.’



Seb’s new project that he mentions can be found here:

The Search For Awesome


Logan Art Gallery’s public programs with information on their Dementia Program: 

“Art + Dementia is a discussion-based tour of works of art to provide intellectual stimulation and social inclusion for people with dementia and their companions. Facilitated by our trained volunteers, the participants are encouraged to contribute knowledge, engage in interpretation, express emotions and recall memories. Involvement  in this nationwide program has been shown to increase well-being and quality of life for participants. If you or someone you know would benefit from this program, please contact Logan Art Gallery on 3412 5519 or via email


Info on the proposed cuts and changes to the publishing industry:>


Info on how arts contributed to GDP in the US as an indicator for Australia.


The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health: A Review of Current Literature>


All in the Mind Podcast = Young minds, the highs and lows



The link to Head Space in Meadowbrook


Info on the affects of music on the brain


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